A: Amniotic fluid leakage (ruptured membranes) can increase the risk of infection to both you and your fetus because it provides a way for bacteria to enter the amniotic sac and potentially cause an infection.

A: Upon any contact with amniotic fluid, the AmnioSense blue™ panty liner will present a blue or green stain on its pale yellow background.

A: Yes. You must seek immediate healthcare assistance if you detect any blue/green staining—no matter the quantity, intensity or size. Blue/green staining can occur in a wide variety of patterns which may not match the illustrations shown in figure 2.

A: You should not use the test if you have had sexual intercourse, used a vaginal douche, or used any other vaginal product (gels, creams, etc.) within the past 12 hours, or if there is a possibility of wetness remaining from a shower, bath or after sweating or exercising, etc., since this may interfere with the test results.

If you think you may be leaking amniotic fluid, but cannot use the test for any of these reasons, you should contact your healthcare professional.

If you are experiencing vaginal bleeding or spotting do not use the test as the results may be obscured. Contact your healthcare professional immediately.

If you think you may have a vaginal infection, contact your healthcare professional before performing the test. Do not use the test if you are being treated with an antibiotic or of you are on a special diet.

A: Yes, vaginal infections, such as bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis, can interfere with the test results and make the indicator strip turn blue or green even if there is no amniotic fluid leakage. If the indictor strip turns blue or green, contact your healthcare professional.

A: No, vaginal bleeding or spotting will interfere with the results of the test. If you are experiencing vaginal bleeding or spotting you should contact your healthcare professional immediately.

A: You can buy AmnioSense blue™ panty liners online.

You can also ask your healthcare professional how to obtain AmnioSense blue™ panty liners.